Cesário Ramos: To Jacqueline for smiling all those times I told her I had to go away to “work” on the book; to Ken Schwaber for letting me join the trainers and to all of you using Scrum to improve the world.

Mark den Hollander: To Esther who always supports me in the endeavors I take.

Veli-Pekka Eloranta: To Aija for endless support and to all of you in the trenches who have less than one week since last commit.

Esther Vervloed: To Mark who asked me to join him in this journey.

Evan Leonard: To Joy, who continues to support my endless curiosity. And my parents who taught me to love what I do.

Jim Coplien: To Gertrud, who gave me new life, and to Bob Warfield, pioneer of the Daily Scrum. SDG.

Lachlan Heasman: To Jen and my kids for accepting me travelling to the other side of the planet to work on these patterns. And my friend Jens for getting me involved in this work.

Neil Harrison: To Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, and the author and finisher of my faith.

Ville Reijonen: To Ewa.

Ademar Aguiar: To Quitéria and my daughters, Mariana and Leonor, for being always with me, even when I am out. To my friends Richard and Joe, for keeping on challenging me, despite of my “cousins.”

Jens Ostergaard: To all Scrum Teams building good products.

Jeff Sutherland: To Hiro Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka who gave us the name Scrum and as the grandfathers of “scrum” continue to support and guide us in this work.

Kiro Harada: To all Kaizen practitioners sharing their wisdom and experience to make work easier and safer.

Joseph Yoder: To all those doing the right things for the right reasons. Also to the Scrum PLoP team for continuing to work hard all of these years to finish this project.

June Kim: To my late mother, who showed me curiosity and adventure, and to the authors of the Agile Manifesto who left a trail for me to follow.

Alan O'Callaghan: To my gorgeous wife, Ria, for her love, and for reminding sometimes when I need to laugh at myself. And to my grandchildren Tyler, Freya, Finnlay and Shay—who never seem to need reminding to laugh at me.

Gertrud Bjørnvig: To Cope for his endless passion and persistence—a huge factor for getting this book out.

Dina Friis: To Jim who prods me into thinking and to Jens who spurs me to act.

Gabrielle Benefield: To my amazing family, Robert, Aidan and Talia, for the never-ending adventure of life. To the amazing Agile community, for the never-ending adventure of learning.