Alias Official Pattern Designation
Collocated Collocated Team
Daily Standup Daily Scrum
work plan Sprint Backlog
Product Increments Regular Product Increment
Regular Product Increments Regular Product Increment
Potentially Shippable Product Increment Regular Product Increment
Potentially Shippable Increment Regular Product Increment
Product Increment Regular Product Increment
product increment Regular Product Increment
increment Regular Product Increment
Swarming Swarming: One-Piece Continuous Flow
swarm Swarming: One-Piece Continuous Flow
swarming Swarming: One-Piece Continuous Flow
One-Piece Continuous Flow Swarming: One-Piece Continuous Flow
Single-Piece Continuous Flow Swarming: One-Piece Continuous Flow
Swarms Swarming: One-Piece Continuous Flow
Done Definition of Done
PBI Product Backlog Item
PBIs Product Backlog Item
Developer Development Team
Developers Development Team
developers Development Team
Development Teams Development Team
Product Vision Vision
vision Vision
Daily Scrum Meeting Daily Scrum
PO Product Owner
Retrospective Sprint Retrospective
Sprint Planning Meeting Sprint Planning
Oyatsu Jinja Oyatsu Jinja (<0XE3><0X81><0X8A><0XE3><0X82><0X84><0XE3><0X81><0XA4><0XE7><0XA5><0X9E><0XE7><0XA4><0XBE>)
Snack Shrine Oyatsu Jinja (<0XE3><0X81><0X8A><0XE3><0X82><0X84><0XE3><0X81><0XA4><0XE7><0XA5><0X9E><0XE7><0XA4><0XBE>)
Oyatsu Jinja Oyatsu Jinja (Snack Shrine)
Snack Shrine Oyatsu Jinja (Snack Shrine)
Firewalls Firewall
firewall Firewall
Return on Investment ROI-Ordered Backlog
long-term value ROI-Ordered Backlog
Return on Investment ROI-Ordered Backlog
ROI ROI-Ordered Backlog
Stop the Line Emergency Procedure
Ready Definition of Ready
ready Definition of Ready
SBI Sprint Backlog Item
Sprint plan Sprint Backlog
The Patron Patron Role
Self-Organizing Development Team Self-Organizing Team
Self-Organizing Development/Delivery Team Self-Organizing Team
self-organizing Self-Organizing Team
Autonomous Autonomous Team
autonomously Autonomous Team
autonomous Autonomous Team
Self-Managing Team Autonomous Team
cross-functional Cross-Functional Team
Small Item to Estimate Small Items
Water Cooler The Water Cooler
Done Definition of Done
Happy Bubble Pop the Happy Bubble
roadmap Product Roadmap
Roadmap Product Roadmap
Backlog Refinement Refined Product Backlog
refinement Refined Product Backlog
Small Team Small Teams
Small Small Teams
Product Organization Product Organization Pattern Language
collocated Collocated Team
releases Release Plan
running average Running Average Velocity
Aggregate Velocities Aggregate Velocity
Kaizen Kaizen and Kaikaku
kaizen Kaizen and Kaikaku
kaizens Kaizen and Kaikaku
kaizen mind Kaizen and Kaikaku
stand-up meeting Daily Scrum
Velocity Notes on Velocity
velocity Notes on Velocity
velocities Notes on Velocity
Value Area Value Areas
Sprint Goals Sprint Goal
Sprints Sprint
Stable Team Stable Teams
Scrum Coach Scrum (Master) Coach
Sprint Pulse Organizational Sprint Pulse
coaching Scrum (Master) Coach
autonomously Autonomous Team
pairs of Developers Developing in Pairs
Due Date PBI Fixed-Date PBI
ROI or net present value Value and ROI
value Value and ROI
long-term value Value and ROI