This is the backup collection of the material for the forthcoming book, "Scrum Patterns: The Spirit of the Game," replicating the material at https://sites.google.com/a/scrumplop.org/published-patterns/home. Only the "Published Patterns" appear here - that is, those that are held to be fairly close to their final appearance in the book.

For additional historical context, see also http://www.scrumorgpatterns.com and http://orgpatterns.com.

The ScrumPLoP Product Backlog is on the Product Backlog Spreadsheet.

If you are a pattern author:

For the time being, the book content will undergo only small incremental changes in response to reader feedback. New patterns will join the existing patterns in a repository that will remain private to the Community of Trust of pattern authors at: http://sites.google.com/a/scrumplop.org/works-in-progress/.

The old pattern spreadsheet is still online on the Google site at Spreadsheet Web Page as a historical record. Check the Product Backlog for the most current information on what's happening with the book.

Our Trainers

From time to time, our independent trainers will be offering "A Scrum Class," which is a one- to three-day experience in learning pattern theory and of diving deep into the book's patterns. The following trainers have demonstrated commitment to Scrum and pattern communities and are all practiced in writing and reviewing patterns, as well as in the theory and practice of Scrum.

Cesário Ramos James O. Coplien Veli-Pekka Eloranta
Ville Reijonen Mark den Hollander Kiro Harada
Evan Leonard Alan O'Callaghan Joseph W. Yoder
Ademar Aguiar