Book Outline

The Scrum Core as Patterns
Product Organization Pattern Language
Daily Scrum
Pop the Happy Bubble
Birds of a Feather
Conway's Law
Development Partnership
Development Team
Emergency Procedure
Fixed Work
Happiness Metric
Illegitimus Non Interruptus
Involve the Managers
Kaizen Pulse
Norms of Conduct
Organizational Sprint Pulse
Product Owner
Product Owner Team
Product Pride
A Scaling Sequence
Scrum of Scrums
Scrum Team
Scrumming the Scrum
Small Red Phone
Sprint Planning
Sprint Retrospective
Sprint Review
The Mist

Value Stream Pattern Language
Value Stream
Definition of Done
Estimation Points
Fixed Work
Good Housekeeping
Greatest Value
Information Radiator
Notes on Velocity
Product Backlog
Rhythms: Patterns of Time
Product Roadmap
Product Wake
Production Episode
Regular Product Increment
Release Plan
Responsive Deployment
Running Average Velocity
Set-Based Design
Small Items
Sprint Backlog
Sprint Goal
Sprint Planning
Sprint Review
Team Sprint
The Spirit of the Game
Value and ROI
Value Areas
Value Stream Fork
Visible Status
Whack the Mole

External Patterns
Domain Expertise In Roles